refresh × mail × history × pocket × I drew you in closer with all I had and now I can’t turn it back. This is clearly a dangerous addiction and no one can stop her.

oh sehun. do not repost on tumblr or any other site. 


flustered yixing when the fans’ screams for him were so loud he couldn’t even say his greetings


I feel like kim jongin is the type of person that doesn’t do fanservice with another boy so whenever he does cuddle or hug someone he does it because he wants to and not because someone else told him to do it and at the end of the day when EXO reach their dorm while laughing it off saying ‘no homo’ and turning off the lights kim jongin cuddles closer to his pillow and chuckles 'full homo'

Intro's in 2012 (Debut) and 2014 (Overdose Comeback)
Artist: EXO
Plays: 25,230

EXO showcase introductions - then and now

there’s such an incredibly noticeable difference in their confidence levels, it really warms my heart